Website Going Live in 3,2,1…

Trial and error is the only way to get things right… After many critiques by close friends and colleagues, is almost done.  Of course, it will be always updated with new flicks of our events, so follow us on our journey!

A little about our beginnings: Making Mantra, Marketing and Events was founded on the passion and drive to help people and create fun, lively events. The owner, Mae Madge Mendoza has been working diligently in the events sector for many years since high school not knowing that she could turn her fun hobby to a profit making business. Her drive to organize and visualize events prior to them happening was just the start.  Being overly involved with many non-profit organizations since then have finally pushed her to start Making Mantra.

As a sole proprietor she has mentors and advisors that she has reached out to for this venture.   We hope to capture your attention and  keep you updated while bringing you the latest and greatest in our industry.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, while our YouTube videos will be live soon, stay tuned for more of Making Mantra!

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