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“I was so impressed by Madge’s professionalism and organization skills. She took care of every single detail on my wedding day so I would be relaxed and stress free. I would highly recommend Making Mantra marketing & events to any bride! Thank you Madge!” – Valerie Cazarez, Owner of Brides Amore

“Madge is a detailed-oriented, “mature beyond her years” entrepreneur. Her passion and commitment to efficient and profitable business modeling , and her natural social skills, makes her a tremendous fit for her brand.” – Theodore Cohen, CEO and President, Foresight Strategic Consulting

“Mae Madge was my wedding planner for my wedding on August 1st, 2010.  I basically gave her a 2 months notice about the wedding and she did a great job getting everything ready.  Not only did she do a great job communicating what I wanted to the venue coordinator, she help me stay organized and made me stick to a timeline as well.  For example, a lot of the accessories for the wedding were done me and my friends with the help of Madge.  Madge helped me find ideas on how we could make simple but beautiful centerpieces.  She made sure I had time to get all the things done before the wedding.  She was there for most of our meet ups to create our accessories and she was working her butt off the day of the wedding to get the venue set up like we had discussed.  She decorated the tables and made sure everything was set for the wedding.  She did not stop there; she continued working throughout the ceremony and reception!  She helped guide the groom and I on where we should be and what we should be doing throughout the whole day.

Madge was an awesome coordinator on my wedding day! As my friend for more than 10 years I know that planning events is her specialty.  She has always enjoyed planning events for high school events, college, work, special festivals and now for weddings.  She is highly organized and is on top of everything.  She takes the time out of her busy day to meet with you to discuss all logistics required for the event.  She did a great job for my wedding and I could not ask for it to go any better.  Madge will always work to her best abilities to get the best product.  She made my wedding day stress free and just a fun filled day to remember!” – Jodine Tolentino, Biology Teacher

“Madge has a great personality she’s caring, smart, outgoing, and funny. She knows when to have a good laugh and be serious at the same time. It was a pleasure to know Madge and see her grow in character and leadership.” – Lei Ai Yap Imperial, VP Communications, MOR, VP Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi

“For the first year of our friendship, Madge and I didn’t have the chance to meet face-to-face — however, this didn’t keep me from hearing about her accomplishments as President of the CSU San Marcos Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter. During Madge’s tenure as President, she personally organized events to increase networking and inter-chapter participation. When she was elected President, I think she recognized that her Chapter could use a new culture and a leader that would promote change. She saw the problems, used her creativity to develop a solution, and executed on her plans and goals. I think she left her Chapter a better organization than when she first joined it.” -Miguel Palma, Director of Entrepreneurship, SDSU Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Business Fraternity

“Madge’s expertise time management and organizational skills are excellent. She is an asset and it would be a loss to anyone for any who did not place her on their team.” -Crystal Machado, Master of Rituals, Alpha Kappa Psi