Expos: How to get your Vendors!

I went to this past Bridal Bazaar, great turnout!  Lots of great new trends for upcoming brides.  Lots of bright colors and delicious eatery for you and your guests!  If you are planning on getting married soon, this is a great one stop shop.  When I was walking around the expo, I realized how one can get really confused at these types of expos. Therefore, I compiled a step by step instruction on how to work these exhibitions…

Tricks to getting the most out your prospective vendors at expos:

  • Know the exhibitors, prior to going to any expo plan out your trip!
  • Go to the booths you are interested in and build your relationship
  • Talk about what you’re looking for
  • Tell them your price range and what you expect
  • Get their contact info
  • After the expo, make contact!!!
  • It is good to build this relationship prior to even using their services
  • Compare and contrast the different vendors
  • Build your notebook for your event!
  • Ready, Start, Plan!!!

If you are looking for the best deals take your time, it is worth it.  The more you can customize to your budget the better. One of my favorite exhibitors was Lotus Flower Shops, one thing I noticed with their exhibit was later in the day most flower exhibits have dying or wilted flowers after 4-5 hours of display.  Lotus Flower Shoo on the other hand, still had such vibrant colors!  So the next time you’re walking around expos, take your time and really know what you’re looking for, if not ask an expert!

Photo Courtesy of http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/lotus-flower-shop

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