Event Destination: Boracay Island, Philippines

Ever thought of having an event in paradise?  Pricey right?  Think again!  A recent trip to the motherland has switched our perspective in regards to planning events abroad.  Sure the flight is the only thing pricey but go to a country with lush greensurroundings or silent waves filtering through your event… then book now!  The trip was made to Boracay Island, Philippines, where we stayed at a 4 star hotel at less than $100 a day.  Yup you heard right, great customer service, beautiful scenery at reasonable prices.

Boracay Island

The adventure begins at the planning stages, usually 1 or 1.5 years in advance to gauge for better prices.  Many websites offer bundled packages at lower rates but don’t be fooled.  First do your research and opt for ratings of hotels and watch flight prices.  Then go directly to the hotel or airline!  Yes, some hotels offer discounts like the ones abroad if you book with them directly.  You’ll be surprised to get 10-15% less than bundled packages.  Again do your homework or have someone else do it for you, believe us it will be worth it!

Then after you have chosen your hotel, ask them for the featured venues in the location.  Well known hotels have great relationships with other venues in the location.  Or even better have a great meeting place within their hotel.  In doing so, talk about costs and any featured discounts they may offer.  One trick, NEVER be afraid to ask.  You’ll only get two answers, either a no, which doesn’t hurt at all or a yes and you’ve scored yourself a pretty penny just because you asked!  That’s what we have always done and explored this venture abroad in Boracay.

Boracay Island

Tropical with sunny beaches and white sand all around is what you’ll get here.  All beachfront hotels don’t cost more than $100-200 a night even at peak season (Dec- Mar).  Seeing that the Philippine currency is less than a dollar by 4-folds, you are sure to find more BANG for your buck!  It’s not just the Philippines, EXPLORE your horizons and throw the biggest shebang you can ever imagine!  More trip ideas, call on us and we’ll show you how to start…