Wedding Day-of Coordinating- Pros and Cons

Ladies and gents, we have been asked by many clients: “Why is it so important to have a day of coordinator?!”  Then after I offer my services they realize WOW!  Now I know why we needed your team!

Here are some Pros and Cons to having a Day of Coordinator…


  • Staying Organized– No matter what you need, your coordinator is the reliable person to go to at this time.  This is where our emergency kits come in handy!
  • Timeline– have you been to a wedding where you ate dinner past 9pm?  We have and it was not pleasant!!! Having a day of coordinator assures your day of goes to plan so you and your guest do not sit there fiddling their thumbs!
  • Vendor Confirmation- have you seen the TV show Bridezilla?!?  Through vendor confirmation and coordination your wedding coordinator will direct traffic throughout your wedding and ensure that the bride nor groom will not ruin their make up and hair because of this frustration!!!
  • Backup Emcee- Some DJ’s aren’t the greatest sounding speakers!  At Making Mantra, our team is ready to go with what to say for your party.
  • Your “Go To” Person- The day of coordinator is a fail safe person to go to at the time of need.  A great coordinator will be there by your side for anything that can and WILL go wrong during your WONDERFUL day.


  • Money- Most day-of coordinators is an added expense for your overall event budget.
  • Full Proof– Like stated earlier… something WILL go wrong.  A good coordinator will have Option A, B, AND C ready to go.
  • Do your research!– Make sure your coordinator is experienced!  Don’t forget to read their reviews and credits/testimonials.
  • Personality Test– Find one that fits your personality.  You and your bridal party should all get along with your coordinator.  This will make it a more fun event for everyone 🙂

We hope this helps in deciding whether or not this is important to your wedding/event plans!  Let us know and we can help…Contact us today and we can do an evaluation for you!