Casey + Bernadette

Summer is here and we are so delighted to celebrate Casey and Bernadette’s wedding this July! The Burberry color themed wedding is going to be at an art gallery.  We’re ecstatic to be able to showcase their love for one another.  Hosted at the CA Center for the Arts, where part of it’s architecture was built by Bernadette’s father. (What an awesome commemoration!)  These two were so much fun to work with and so patient throughout the process (traveling down 6 hours from home to make this happen!)  From northern to southern California we bring you… Casey and Bernadette!!!

(Read more below on their awesome engagement and enjoy some of the pics from their engagement shoot.)

“We met while we were in college and after dating for 5 years we decided that we were ready to get married.  In order to make our engagement night memorable I wanted to make it both a surprise for Bernadette and our friends.  I had friends gather at my parent’s house for what they thought was an end of the year get together.  After everyone arrived at the party I had someone take Bernadette out of the backyard and distract her.  While distracted I had my father and 4 close friends line up with the phrase Will You Marry Me? Spelled out across their 5 shirts.  After getting lined up our friends started to realize the real reason why they were all there.  I got down on one knee and waiting for Bernadette to make her way out to the backyard.  When Bernadette saw what was waiting for her she begin to scream and cry with excitement.  I then asked her, ‘Well what do you think, Will you marry me?’  She replied “Yes” and we then celebrated our engagement with our close family and friends.”

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