Budget a Problem? Plan Ahead

Planning ahead sounds easier said than done.   You don’t know what you don’t know.  Ask yourself, what, where, and when?  The first step yet sometimes not always done by many is to WRITE it down.  What do you want when you envision your event? Create a spreadsheet for yourself or download one from the internet that can help guide your budget.  Second, how many people are you expecting at your event?  Do you have an A, B, and/or C list of people that you can segment for budgeting reasons?  If not write it down!  Then third, research, research, research!  Look up how much venues, caterers, entertainment, etc are priced for the amount of people you are expecting.  Ask for your maximum amount of people then work your way down.  The common mistake that people make is that when they talk to vendors they think that there is no wiggle room!  We’re in a recession people; work the barter system! If you have many bids and there is a caterer for example that is number one your list but it is more expensive than others then let your top choice know that you have some great bids from others.  They will either one, think you’re crazy or two, work with you.  More than likely they will work with you because times are tough.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 Also when writing your prices it is better to over budget than underestimate your prices because unplanned expenditures will cause more of a headache than being surprised and BAM you’ve got extra moolah left!  Sometimes it just takes organizing your thoughts to come to a conclusion about your budget.  Planning ahead is key to creating a successful event (depending on how big the event, take 3-12 months for planning) so do your leg work and if ever in need call a professional!!!

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